Join the Rainbow Punch!

Join the Rainbow Punch!

Inspired by featherweight pro-boxer Orlando Cruz being the first fighter coming out during his active career in boxing history the Rainbow Punch is both a symbol for tolerance and a call for action against homophobia.

“I have always been and always will be a proud gay man!” were the Puerto Rican’s words during the statement, where he revealed what he held a secret for so many years.

For many athletes, not to mention non-athletes, this is an unattainable appearing wish. We have to act at a time where Russia – a nation that puts free public speech for “non-traditional sexual relations” under penalty - hosted a sports event with worldwide importance.

The Olympic Winter Games in Sotchi in February 2014 were the kick-off for the Rainbow Punch movement.

How to contribute

  1. Support us on Facebook or Twitter
  2. Print out the “Rainbow Punch” pattern in all sizes and download the logo
  4. Take a picture of your Rainbow Punch and upload it on to our website
  5. Tell your friends about it and repeat steps 3 and 4 (please)

The Rainbow Punch is a global symbol of free sexual expression: It is a punch for awareness, for acceptance and for the striving for sexual equality all around the world.

Let’s give intolerance and homophobia the Rainbow Punch.



Places with Rainbow Punches. More images coming soon!


Print out the Rainbow Punch. Stick it onto walls, your folder, your lunchbox - so everyone can see it!

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